About Taylor Ace Bowls

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About Taylor Ace Bowls

Taylor Ace bowls are made in Glasgow by Taylor Bowls.  Taylor Bowls have been operating since the 1800s and are now owned by the Heron family.

Taylor Ace bowls came out in the 1990's and at first were seen as a tighter bowl that a lot of the bowls on the market including the Taylor Lignoid bowl.  The Taylor Ace was ideal for fast outdoor greens and indoor carpets.

The current Taylor Ace is classed as a mid-bias bowl with a slightly biger drawing arc than the Vector VS with a no hook as it comes to rest.  It’s a dual purpose bowl  ideal for any rink position, indoors and out.

The Taylor Ace bowl comes in black or coloured and the most popular are the Taylor Ace Dark Blue and Blue or the Taylor Ace Lawn Bowl Maroon & Red.

The Taylor Ace Bowl comes in sizes 0000 to 5.

Taylor Ace 0000 - Generally for children or ladies with smaller hands.

Taylor Ace 000 - as above

Taylor Ace 00 - One of the most popular sizes for ladies.

Taylor Ace 0 - Very popular with ladies or gents who want a bit more control.

Taylor Ace Size 1 - Used by both sexes.

Taylor Ace Size 2 - As the trend continues this bowl is now very popular with men of all agents.

Taylor Ace Size 3 - Now the best selling bowls with David Gourlay Bowls

Taylor Ace Size 4 & 5 - for those with larger hands !!